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World’s Best Cycling Trails

The greatest cyclist of all time once quoted “Ride as much or as little, as long or as short as you feel. But Ride.” So, here are some of the world’s best cycling trails which can liberate you from the inside.

Khardung La, India

Have you ever wondered, how it will feel when you cycle to the highest motorable road on this planet? It will be a dream come true moment for anyone.

World’s Best Cycling Trails

Using your feet to scale 17,582 feet is not an ordinary feat. The distance between LEH (nearest city) and Khardung La is about 39Kms. Throughout the entire ride, you can witness the magnanimity of the HIMALAYAS and its resources. The terrain is very versatile and you will encounter snow, mud, small rocks, farms, military vehicles and stunningly wide roads on your way to the summit. Cycling enthusiasts should never miss a ride to the scenic Khardung La pass.

Route des Grand Crus, France

Imagine yourself forgetting the busy cycling roads and riding your cycle through the narrow lanes of some of the best Vineyards & Red Winemakers on earth. Route des Grand Crus is a famous cycling route passing through the Burgundy winemakers’ farms and settlements. You will encounter some 38 picturesque villages stretching for about 60Km. Significantly, this route is a part of the world’s biggest cycling event TOUR DE FRANCE which also tops the list of  world’s best cycling trails

Bicycle Island

This is one of the highly reputed cycling destinations in the world. The ISLE of Wight nicknamed the Bicycle Island is a popular island in England. The Isle of Wight is famous for its scenic coastline, verdant landscapes and the mild climatic conditions for cycling. Uniquely, this historic island is the birthplace of her majesty QUEEN VICTORIA herself. Alternatively, there is an exclusive car-free route which cyclists adore, THE RED SQUIRREL TRAIL. It can take you through the farmed countryside witnessing beautiful wildlife habitats.

P’tit Train du Nord

“P’tit Train du Nord” literally translates to “Little Train of the North”. It is a 200 Kilometre cycle trail located in Quebec, Canada. Who wouldn’t love Canada? It is a lovely place for cyclists to experience the non-mountainous, yet so beautiful cycling track. P’tit Train du Nord is a linear track which was laid, converting an abandoned railroad. It boasts rivers, lakes, mountain bases and lots more of what a cyclist would want to see during a ride. Make use of the Discount flight tickets to reach your holiday spot

Some of the other world’s best cycling trails which can make your cycling experience great:

  • Great Ocean Road, Australia
  • Easter Island Cycling, Chile
  • Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Cycle Route 10, Amsterdam
  • Green Mountains, Vermont
  • Friendship Highway, China
  • Carretera Austral, Chile

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