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What to do during 5hr layover at LAX

Layover at LAX can be fun if there are places that can be accessed involving less amount of travel time. The following places can make your layover in Los Angeles a memorable one.

layover at LAX

Manhattan Beach:

This beach has a nickname, Heaven in Flip Flops. The Manhattan beach is only a minutes drive from the Los Angeles airport which makes this a hot destination for all the layover passengers. You can also find award-winning restaurants throughout the place and you can have your stomach filled with delicious food. There are numerous boutiques available and you can window shop through all the boutiques. The sunset on the beach is what actually gives the name ‘Heaven in Flip Flops’ to this beach. If you are there at the right time for a sunset then please make sure you witness the beauty. Keep a keen watch over the ocean too because there is a fair chance of witnessing some Dolphins too.

Santa Monica

Santa Monica is situated to the north of another beach called the Venice Beach. You can visit the Palisades Park in Santa Monica which will provide you with a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean. Santa Monica also consists of an amusement park which goes by the name Pacific Park Amusement Park. You can also shop around on the Third Street Promenade which quite big, almost four blocks. You can also shop and dine there. Finally, the rooftop bar offers a view of the ocean, which will make your Layover at LAX an unforgettable one.

Griffith Observatory:

If you had enough of the glitzy Hollywood world out there then you can visit the Griffith Observatory to spend your Layover at LAX usefully. The Griffith Observatory boasts a giant telescope. You can get a glimpse of the stars using the telescope. Stargazing is pure fun when you digest the fact that they are located at an unimaginably distant. The Hall of Sky & the Hall of the Eye is a combination of free tour available in the Griffith Observatory to showcase the connection between space and people. What more? You can even go for a short hiking tour around the Griffith Observatory which takes you directly to the Hollywood sign.

Rodeo Drive:

The Rodeo Drive is definitely a very popular place in and even outside the United States of America. You can window shop if you do not wish to spend a fortune on the numerous boutiques cascaded along the drive. You can also try all the different foods that are available on the drive.

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