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Top Hiking Trails in Southern California

Southern California

It feels good to be lost in the right direction, so start your hiking adventures right away. The following are some of the Top Hiking Trails in Southern California.

Top Hiking Trails in Southern California

The Hollywood Sign

What can better define California than the Hollywood Sign? The hiking route to this place takes you through the Hollywood Hills, the Batcave from the 60’s TV show and directly behind the Hollywood Sign. You cannot get any closer to the sign beyond 30 feet to its proximity. The view is breathtaking which displays the city of LOS ANGELES with the sign being in front of your view.

Devils Punchbowl

Imagine hiking in a park which was created by the earth’s movement around thousands of years ago. Just on the other end of the Mt. Baldy, you can find a town by the name Pearblossom and there you can find the Devil’s Punchbowl. The Devil’s Punchbowl has rocks from underground and it will give you a splendid look coupled with the desert that surrounds the place. You can either climb the rocks or you can enjoy the visuals, it depends on what you prefer doing. Afternoons can be well spent with several hiking trails surrounding the place. This place is certainly one of the Top Hiking Trails in Southern California. Choos the airlines which provide you the cheap airfare.

Bridge to Nowhere

This is definitely one of the most popular hiking places in Southern California. This hiking destination will require you to go back and forth for 5 miles across several river crossings to the bridge which is built virtually leading to Nowhere. History says that the bridge was actually a part of a road leading to somewhere since the road was washed away, the bridge is all by itself now. There is another sport available there, it’s the Bungee Jumping. It is a perfect place to spend your summer hiking around the Top Hiking Trails in Southern California.

Murphy Ranch

What comes to your mind when we say there is an abandoned Nazi Camp in Los Angeles? Yes, it is surprising but imagine hiking in an abandoned Nazi Camp. It is more than a surprise for everyone and this reality is not far from Los Angeles. It will take only 20 minutes from downtown Los Angeles to reach the Pacific Palisades where you can hike in an abandoned Nazi camp. Put aside the factor that you will encounter lots of urban decay and think about enjoying the crazy history it would have gone through which makes us feel a bit unique in hiking this place.

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