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Privacy Policy

The user hereby acknowledges to all the terms and conditions of this privacy policy before using our website. You may abstain from using the website if you find any of the terms not suitable to your liking. The policy statement of our website outlines the usage of information collected from our customers and its liabilities.

Data Collection

Americanairlinesflights website may collect data from its users both directly or indirectly. The user may make a booking by typing in their details into respective forms available on our website to complete an air ticket purchase or may do the same through the executives of the website over phone or chat. To this resort, the information collected by the website can be grouped into the following categories.

Personal information

Passenger’s personal details such as their name, age, contact number, credit/debit card number, travel dates, etc. may be collected to make a reservation with the airline on behalf of the passenger. Before proceeding to complete any online form or transaction, we ensure that the user agrees to the terms and conditions of the website. The confidentiality of the above said information is subject to the respective laws concerned.

Payment credentials

To complete a reservation and confirm a booking, the passengers will be asked to provide information of their bank account and the necessary verification information. When users have a difficulty in making a purchase transaction, the website’s representatives will lend help but will require a copy of the card that is being used to complete the transaction.


The cookies used by our website will not obtain information from your system other than the ones provided directly by you. This process is done by all websites and you may not be able to complete a transaction if you block our website’s cookies. There are ways in which you can block cookies of websites that you do not trust and allow cookies of websites that you trust.

Information about user location

Offers and deals available on our website is dependent on many factors, the location of the customer being a major contributor. So we require the customer to provide their location details to avail offers specifically designed for your region.

Third-party affiliates

Third-party affiliates are nothing but other websites that publish their content on our website. We are not liable for any wrong information provided by such affiliates and it is up to the user to verify such information before using them. These affiliates have their own privacy policy and our website’s privacy policy does not cover them.


Users trust our website and provide a lot of confidential information to us. We have taken all measures to safeguard the details of our customers from other phishing websites. However, they may arise a situation where we will be compelled to provide these details to the concerned legal authorities if needed. This happens when a user either ignores the terms in our policy or misuses the contents on our website.