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Fun things to do in Phoenix

Phoenix is the most populated city in the state of Arizona, U.S and it also serves as the capital of the state. There are over a million residents in this city. There are lots of fun things to do in Phoenix and they are as follows.

things to do in Phoenix


The Grand Canyon:

When you think about America as a traveler, what is the first thought that comes to your mind? It can be the Statue of liberty, it can be Miami, it can be Las Vegas and yes it can also be the GRAND CANYON. Yes, the Grand Canyon, a gift from nature to specifically study the Earth’s history using rocks. This is the biggest canyon in this world, spanning 270 Miles in length, 18 miles in width and almost a mile deeper. The Grand Canyon was formed 6 million years ago, YES, 6 million years ago, you read that correctly. It consists of some of the world’s oldest rocks on display. The rock which is present above a mile high reveals a cross-section which nearly dates us back to 2 billion years.

More on Grand Canyon

This would’ve certainly raised your curiosity to visit this place already but wait there’s more, there is a rock present in this canyon which is the oldest of all the rocks. It can be seen near the bottom of Inner Gorge, it is called the VISHNU BASEMENT ROCKS. This Vishnu rock was formed 1.7 billion years ago due to hardened magma and connected this place. This was once a volcanic ocean chain. So do you think it’s a right idea to miss the Grand Canyon? Certainly not.

Camelback Mountain:

Standing high above 2703 ft, the Camelback Mountain is the highest peak in Phoenix. It offers a splendid view of Scottsdale and Phoenix. Scaling the summit will involve a 1.2-mile trek which is incredibly steep. If you are looking for a gradual inclination, you can opt for the Cholla trail which is a 1.5-mile trek and it does not involve much of trekking, unlike the Camelback mountain. The entry for this place is free of cost which is open from sunrise to sunset. You will find discount flight tickets even within the United States.

Arizona Science Center:

Arizona Science Center has a planetarium inbuild within the campus and it can be very useful and entertaining for your children. Significantly, the star show attracts lots of visitors. You can also find interactive sessions and displays to make children understand about the weather patterns, geography, electricity, gravity, psychology, sound and even outer space. Entry fee for adults and kids are $18 and $13 respectively. There is more to offer with the availability of an IMAX Theater which definitely one of the fun things to do in Phoenix.

Phoenix Zoo:

If you are an animal enthusiast or if you have children who love animals then this is certainly your place to be. The Phoenix Zoo is the best place in Phoenix to admire nature and its beauty. The zoo occupies 125 acres of land and it’s very spacious for all the visitors. The zoo boasts a wide variety of animal species. The animals include Asian elephants, Komodo dragons, baboons, Galapagos Tortoise, Giraffes and Sumatran tigers. Safari rides are well organized in the zoo. You can consider going for the safari, which wouldn’t cost you a fortune. The entry for this place will cost adults and children $24.95 and $9.95 respectively.

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