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Best European Cities to visit in Winter

The Northern Lights, Svalbard

This should definitely be on your bucket list if you are planning for a Winter Holiday in Europe. The Northern lights a.k.a Aurora Borealis of Norway is a mesmerizing sight to watch and feel. The Vibrant colors in the clear night skies of the snow-clad Norway are pure bliss. Witnessing the Northern lights in Svalbard gives you an experience of a lifetime. You can optimally visit this place between September and March. So what are you waiting for? Find last minute flight deals to some of the best European cities to visit in winter using americanairlinesflight.us

Best European Cities to visit in Winter

Hala Madrid

Madrid certainly qualifies for being one of the best places to visit during winter. Significantly, Madrid is the highest capital city in entire continental Europe, placed at 2,188 ft above sea level. So, you can enjoy the sharpness of the sky and the sunshine in the happening streets of Madrid. Don’t forget the fact that Madrid houses the world’s greatest football club, The REAL MADRID. So, visit SANTIAGO BERNABEU to catch a glimpse of some of the biggest footballers on Earth. The Stadium can hold 81,044 people so it’s highly possible to get your seats booked.


Amsterdam can be visited for the city it is. Especially during winters, the nightlife is a dream for every traveler because of the Amsterdam Light Festival. Imagine all the vibrant lights sparkling the city coupled with the white snow all over the city streets. The amazing Amsterdam winter market gives us another reason to visit the Dutch city. Additionally, cheers for the people from Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon and Washington DC who smoke because weed is completely legal in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is certainly one of the best European cities to visit in winter.


This snowy city in Austria which faces the Eastern Alpes is probably the most scenic place in this list or say, even Europe. With its world-renowned BAROQUE type of Architecture, the city looks stunning with snow covering almost all its corners. The city overlooks the mighty Alps along with the beautiful Salzach River running along. Do not miss to visit this place during winter. May be who knows? the greatest Musician in the world, Mozart got his sense of music by being born in this beautiful city of Salzburg.

Some of the best European cities to visit in winter which certainly deserves a mention, include

  • Transylvania
  • Prague
  • Dublin
  • Rome
  • Abisko
  • Paris
  • Copenhagen
  • Berlin
  • Venice
  • Athens

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