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American Elite Status Worth in 2018

With the beginning of New Year, it’s time to start looking at your elite mileage balance and upgrade to a new status level. Choose the level you want to upgrade yourself. Look for ways for achieving to upgrade to it. If you are within a range of a particular tier or in the range to achieve a higher tier, then you can upgrade to a higher status. Every year American airlines come with an Elite boost offer. Now they are back again for another best buy offer. For more information on American Elite status worth in 2018 continue reading the blog.

American Elite Status Worth in 2018

Know what are the advantages of AAdvantage status?

  • The AAdvantage status gives you more comfort when traveling
  • It has three membership level
    • Gold
    • Platinum
    • Platinum pro
    • Executive platinum
  • It comes with a lot of benefits which makes your travel more enjoyable.

Know about AAdvantage elite status worth in 2018

  • Log in to the website with your AAdvantage login credentials.
  • You can see the list of advantages and offers that are available for you.
  • The best part is that you can get discount flight tickets easily to reach your favorite destination.
  • Choose to avail the advantage and upgrade for the coming year which is valid for a year.
  • Remember you can start enjoying the benefits of the new upgrade right away as soon as you upgrade.

Elite status qualification:

The qualification for the Elite status is purely from your activities during the calendar year.  There are two ways to achieve the Elite status qualification

  • Elite Qualifying miles (EQMs) + Elite Qualifying Dollars (EQDs).
  • Elite Qualifying Segments (EQSs) + Elite Qualifying Dollars (EQDs).

AAdvantage Gold:

The AADvantage Gold is the lowest tire of the American elite status.  Find below the list of advantages you can avail for this tier.

  • You can check 1 bag for free
  • Choose your seat based on your preference and it’s complimentary.
  • Priority check-in with early boarding.
  • In case you are running late, the above advantage can be of good help.
  • 50% off Main cabin extra seats ( complimentary at check-in)*
  • 24- Hours upgrade window.
  • 40% elite mileage bonus.

AAdvantage Platinum:

This is the second tier of the American’s program.  Find the advantages for the tier two

  • You can get a 500 mile upgrade for every 12,000 EQMs travel.
  • Can check 2 bags for free.
  • Priority baggage delivery.
  • Complimentary preferred seats.
  • 48 hours upgrade window.
  • 60% mileage bonus.

AAdvantage Platinum Pro:

This is the third tier of the American’s program. You require a minimum of 75,000 EQMs or 90 EQSs.

  • All the advantages of platinum with extra usage
  • 80% Mileage bonus can help you upgrade to the next tier easily.
  • 72- Hours upgrade window.
  • 2 bags free check-in.
  • Complimentary same-day flight change.
  • Priority phone line.
  • Preferred seats complimentary

AAdvantage Executive Platinum:

The final tier is the AAdvantage Executive Platinum. Find the advantages of this tier

  • Complimentary auto request upgrade.
  • 120% mileage bonus.
  • All advantages as like the previous tiers with additional utilization.
  • Bag fee waiver with additional baggage.
  • Priority baggage delivery makes you not to wait for your bags.
  • The new addition is the same day flight changing option for complimentary.
  • Gain access to first and business class lounge

AAdvantage Million Miler program:

If you travel a million mile with the airlines you get to enjoy the Gold status for life under the Gold program.

 Additionally, you also can enjoy bonus miles and many more advantages. Visit our website to know more about your eligibilities.

What if am starting fresh?

You should have a minimum of 25,000- mile mark to upgrade yourself to first gold status.

Reach Elite Status:

Earn the Elite status following the things are given below

  • Choose American Airlines flights to fly.
  • The full-fare economy class can also help you gain EQMs on a faster rate.
  • Business and first class tickets can also gain you faster EQMs.
  • Gathering the EQMs can help you get the Elite status faster.

Bottom line:

As you can see each tier requires different requirements to utilize its perks. While the advantages are quite similar in the initial level as you upgrade, the usage of these advantages gets higher.

If you have any doubts and need more Contact us at +1-855-608-3920. Visit our website and get additional information on American Elite status worth in 2018.

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