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A list of free things to do in New York

Free things to do in New York

Traveling to the Big Apple for the first time can be the most nervous experience of your life. You must have heard that New York is one of the safest cities in the world but you also know that the suburbs are equally famous for their crimes. Did you know that you can around places in New York without having to spend anything? Buckle up to know more about these free things to do in New York

Free things to do in New York


Here goes the list for you

There is a long list of important places that one should definitely visit in New York. We’ve made it a little shorter for your convenience. We are just going to tell you the places, it is up to you to decide on how you are going to visit them.

  1. Statue of Liberty
  2. Empire State building
  3. One World Trade Center
  4. American Museum of Natural History
  5. Central Park
  6. Grand Central
  7. Metropolitan Museum of Art
  8. The Charging Bull
  9. Madison Square Garden
  10. Roosevelt Island
  11. Patrick’s Cathedral
  12. Rockefeller Center
  13. Bryant Park
  14. Times Square

We may have left out a few places, but this is more than sufficient for a first-timer in New York. So take this list in your hand along with the ticket you purchased from American Airlines Flights and have a great time!!

If you are looking for free things to do in New York, then you must optimize your travel within the city first.

How to travel around New York cost-effectively?

The best way around in this huge city is to take the widely connected public transport system. It is the most cost-effective means to have a self-tour of New York. Every famous tourist spot in the city is connected by the Metro and in most cases your accommodations too. But make sure that you purchase your Metro card only from a Metro card kiosk available in the station.

To have an even more personalized touch to your tour, you may rent a bicycle and hover around the city at your own leisure. The city’s streets have been revamped with special bike lanes and are extremely cyclist friendly. For a first-timer in New York, it must be very exciting to make use of this eco-friendly option. Moreover, you can cover most of the free things to do in New York this way.

Walking through the streets of New York will give you one heck of an experience. You can either take a guided tour, which may cost you a bit or grab a map of the city and take your own tour. Plan your travel accordingly and book the best air tickets with cheap airline deals through our website. Make sure that you get all your information from the official Information center of the city as there are many duplicates.If you have any doubts and need more Contact us at +1-855-608-3920.

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